My wife and I recently moved back to what we consider home, the Brewster/Pateros area. I say recently, it was in 2009. It seems like “just yesterday” or “just last week” but keeps getting further away. I have so many interests, and we love our little community. I would just like to share some our precious tidbits of experience and wisdom. I was the plant specialist at Wilson Gardens for years, before going back to school for Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Architecture – Environmental Design and a Master of Landscape Architecture, both from the University of Oklahoma. I think one of the great advantages of going to school ten years after graduating from high school is that I had a clearer view of the world and life.

Life is about family and friends.

It is about spending quality time with my kids

Life is about doing things I love to do:

Like gardening, drinking good coffee, visiting a farmers market and the local bakery

Life is about hobbies: raising poultry, training guardian dogs, growing 28 varieties of tomatoes

Life is living each moment

I have so many interests that I would like to share

  • Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture, Gardening
  • Conservation and Preservation of Heirloom Poultry, Livestock, fruit, vegetables, flowers, and seeds
  • History
  • The landscape and natural environment of Okanogan, Chelan, Douglas Counties
  • Native Plants
  • Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Plants
  • The list goes on…

We bought a little house out on the Okanogan, and instantly began making it our home. My first major project was eradicating the weed trees on the place. Still haven’t finished that, and that is pretty much where this blog begins:

Jord L. Wilson, MLA


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