Rocky Pointe Landscaping

Pateros, Washington

Visit their website: http://rockypointelandscaping.com/Company_Profile.html

A family business since 1972

Jerry Easter – Owner  (509) 630-7859

Lionel Wilson – Designer/Estimator

(509) 630-0871

A full service landscape company offering:

  • Landscape Designs, Consulting,  and Installation
  • Planting Plans and Installation
  • Irrigation Installation and Maintenance
  • Stonework: Freestanding Walls, Retaining Walls, and Firepits
  • Patios, Walkways, Driveways,  Pavers, and Concrete Work
  • Stacked Stone Retaining Walls
  • Architectural Structures, Garden Structures, and Outdoor Kitchens
  • Mitigation, Erosion Protection Plans, and Installation

Landscape Plans

Fall Gate Planting

Pavers, Retaining Walls, Courtyards

Elegant Courtyard

  1. […] Rocky Pointe Landscaping provides a fall clean-up service and irrigation blow-outs. They service Lake Chelan; South Shore, Lakeside, Chelan, Manson, and the Chelan Falls Area. They also service the Okanogan and Methow Vallies; Methow, Twisp, Pateros, Brewster, Bridgeport, Okanogan, and Omak. […]

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