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Fall is in the Air

In Landscaping, Trees on October 25, 2011 at 6:52 pm

City of Pateros Mall

The City Mall has been spectacular this year. The Purple Ash, (Fraxinus americana “Autumn Applause”) are a reliable display of color. They color early, and drop their leaves rapidly. They are very hardy and can take periods of drought. They are susceptible to a couple bugs. The wooly aphids have been horrible this year, and they need sprayed in the future. I’ve called Dirk at Cascade Weed and Pest to come down and help me out.

I get asked frequently what are good, hardy trees with excellent fall color. Fall color depends on temperature, water, and the tree itself. Trees

Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ is a tree that I recommend. The freemanii crosses (x freemanii) are crossed with a silver maple, which is a very tough, common maple found throughout the area. Most of the crosses are selected for brilliant fall foliage. Other varieties are Autumn Fantasy, Firefall Maple, Marmo, and Sienna Glen.  These are all large vigorous trees, eventually reaching 50′.



Rocky Pointe Landscaping provides a fall clean-up service and irrigation blow-outs. They service Lake Chelan; South Shore, Lakeside, Chelan, Manson, and the Chelan Falls Area. They also service the Okanogan and Methow Vallies; Methow, Twisp, Pateros, Brewster, Bridgeport, Okanogan, and Omak.

Call Cascade Mechanical for winter weatherization. Have them check out your HVAC system before the snow flies. Make sure your running efficiently. Electric rates keep going up, especially in the Methow Valley and with the Okanogan PUD. Ask Marty what you can do to save electricity this winter. It may be simpler and less costly than you imagine. Trust a professional that will be there to provide you that emergency winter service. Cascade Mechanical serves: The Lake Chelan Area – Manson, Chelan, Lakeside, and South Shores; Methow Valley – Methow, Twisp, and Winthrop; Okanogan Valley- Pateros, Brewster, Okanogan, Omak, Tonasket, and Oroville; I also know that they will go East into Ferry County and service Republic, Malo, and Curlew; Douglas County and South – Bridgeport, Mansfield, Coulee Dam, Electric City, and Coulee City.

Frozen pipes are a winter nightmare. Don’t forget to get everything buttoned up for winter. A hairline crack in your house skirting can be a source for a sub-zero wind to freeze your water solid. Have Swisher Plumbing inspect your plumbing and fix that pipe that freezes every winter. Swisher Plumbing serves: North Central Washington, Chelan, Pateros, Brewster, Bridgeport, Okanogan, Omak, and the Methow Valley