Fall Watering and Winterization

In Landscaping on October 13, 2011 at 9:07 pm

Fall Watering

Fall watering can be a real trick. As seasonal temperatures begin to fall, water requirements become less.Watering newly planted trees is different than watering established trees. Know your soils. Most of our soils in the area are gravelly/sandy with few areas of clay. Places around Lake Chelan and in the Okanogan Delta/River-bottom have heavy soils or clay soils. Heavier soils will hold more soil and require less water going into winter.

Watering schedules should be scaled back to water established trees. Water as late in the fall as possible, water less frequent, but water deep. Trees should not go into winter with dry roots.

Newly planted trees should have water scaled back also. This will help them prepare for winter and begin going into dormancy.  It is important not to increase water, fertilize, or prune newly planted trees in the fall. This might trigger a growth spurt that would make them vulnerable to early freezes.

Irrigation and Winterization

It is time to call Rocky Pointe Landscaping to have your irrigation lines blown for the season. Rocky Pointe Landscaping provide full service weatherization to protect your irrigation system from winter damage.

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