Onion Crop

In Gardening on October 11, 2011 at 7:40 pm

I grew three kinds of onions, Ailsa Craig, Red Zeppelin, and Candy. I bought my onion seed from Burrell’sShumway’s and Jung’s seed catalogs. I start my onions in early February in a south facing window in the house. I plant about 25 seeds to a 4″ pot. I set  my onion plants out the second week of April. I don’t like to get ahead of the weather. I will wait a week or two, before I plant early. I do lightly fertilize with triple ten, and then I fertilize throughout the early part of the growing season. Onions are heavy feeders.

I was very pleased with my onion crop. This was my first year at our new place. My garden is in the Okanogan Delta silt/clay ground. Beautiful garden soil. The Candy and Red Zeppelins are much firmer/harder bulbs than the onions I grew in Oklahoma. I’ve been pulling them since June for cooking and canning use. I’ve sent several bags to family and friends.  I’m a little lazy with the weeds after the summer sun hits. The weeds shaded the onions, the tops dried out and fell over, and they cured nicely. I got them in the garden shed before the rains came, so they have dried out nicely.


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